Backstage Bars

Backstage Bars

Our backstage bars are the product of nearly 20 years of experience in festivals, events and bars.  As well as being able to provide bespoke front of house and backstage bars to your specification we have have two great backstage bar and green room packages.

Backstage Bar Packages

The outdoor bar service we provide is so versatile it has been equally well received at all Music Festivals. Our packages offer everything you need to transform an empty outdoor space into a fully decorated, live music and bar venue with limitless possibilities.

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Backstage Bars at Night

Bar at Night

Our Backstage Bars includes:

  • Custom Big Top Marque or geodesic domes with amazing decor and lighting
  • A top end Bar with over 30 sprites, draught, bottled beer, and cocktails
  • Bar Furniture, Tables, Seating, Booths, Stage and Dance floor
  • Flexible Entertainments From Cinema Screens to Dancing Girls and Photo Booths
  • An Artist token and tab system.

The Bubble Lounge

‘The Bubble Lounge’ provides the perfect structure for any back stage bar. It is a custom made turqouise blue hexagonal big top, with circular clear windows in the roof and walls. It instantly grabs attention at any event and has been used at many of the UK’s Festivals.  The clear windows produce a beautiful fall of light in the daytime, and the decor comes alive at night with our fantastic lighting and effects.  A great environment in which to relax or party, daytime and nightime.

The Bubble Domes

‘The Bubble Domes’ is a double geodesic dome structure that is stunningly modern and both sympathetic to the rural environment where it is most often placed.  Its main dome houses the main bar and it is adjoined by a smaller clear dome which acts as a lounge and entertainments area.  The 2 domes make a wonderful environment to be in , both in the daytime where it brings the outdoors indoors, and at night where it comes alive with light.

Public Event Bars

The Bubble Domes are also great as front of house bar serving the general public.  If you are interested in having the Bubble Domes as the front of house bar for your event, please contact us to discuss a concession arrangement.

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