Dry Hire Bar Equipment

Dry Hire Bar Equipment

Our stunning looking bars and easy to use bar equipment is available for dry hire.  Perfect if you would like to use your own bar team and stocks for an event. Our dry hire bar units have been custom designed by us to offer an unrivalled functionality. They have proved this in their use at hundreds of our events.  Our dry hire bar units can contain a complete draught kit including a coolers and kegs, and all the glassware required to run a full bar.

The dry hire bar equipment we can provide:

  • Fridges, Bars
  • Draught Kits
  • Sink Units
  • Back Bars
  • Ice buckets, Pourers, Bar Caddies and other accessories.

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Bar Unit Features

Additional Bar Equipment

Bar Specification

  • Dedicated Shelving for  5 glassware boxes
  • Storage for an 88 pint keg, gas, reg and four  line flash cooler
  • Dedicated mixer well for storing bottles
  • Self contained hand wash sink
  • Drinks preparation area
  • Mounting points for fonts
  • Bottle opener
  • Speed rail mounting points.

Dry Hire Bar with Sink Unit

We also offer a dry hire bar with a self contained non-mains sink units as well as all the other features of a standerd bar. This unit works completely independent of a mains water supply making it perfect for marquee events or locations where water supply is an issue. it allows bar staff to maintain hygiene standards by being able to wash their equipment and hands.

Dry Hire Bar with Draught Kit

The standard dry hire bar unit will run up to 4 lines of draught from a 1.5m section and with a 3m bar ample space on the top to accommodate garnish dispensers, gastronorm ice buckets, tills, measures and cocktail equipment.

Stunning Bar Units

Our entire bar set-up is not only stunning looking, but also very ergonomic and compact. Our bottle fridge and backbar combination fits in very well with the style of the bar and creates a real club bar look.  Practical to work and great to look at.


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