Mind Spa

Service Includes:

  • Two Themed Operators/Performers.
  • The Crack Pot Scientist.
  • Sexy Nurse Assistant.
  • Unlimited Mins Spa sessions.
  • The chance to see such a unique piece of equipment.

Our Portfolio Quote

The Mind Spa – State of the Art Relaxation and a Unique way to Entertain your Guests

The Mind Spa uses light and sound, Binaural Beat stimulation tequniques, to gently lead the mind into a more tranquil and relaxed mind state.  We combine the theatrics of our entertaining staff, with this unique machine and its approach to relaxation, to create a great theatrical party entertainment piece.

If you would like a daringly different piece of entertainment for your party, or event, then the Mind Spa is perfect – a guaranteed talking point.

Guests can be served at their tables, after dinner ,or in seating areas at parties. The guests simply need to put on a pair of headphones, then put on the Mind Spa goggles, and then they just close their eyes, sit back and relax, while the Mind Spa gently glides them to a state of heightened relaxation.

Adding A Touch of Theatrics

The Mind Spa is presented in a fun theatrical style. The operators are dressed as a crackpot scientist, and his sexy nurse assistant, and the Mind Spa is wheeled around your event on a medical trolley. Totally independent of a fixed power supply, the Mind Spa and the themed operators can do the rounds of your guests, entertaining and treating them to a relaxing Mind Spa session – very different and lots of fun.

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