Mobile Karaoke

Mobile Karaoke – Guests Favourite

Make your guests the star of the show by booking one of our mobile Karaoke set-ups. Some people have a real talent for it. Some people are so bad it’s funny.  No matter what, Karaoke is always fun for those who take part, as well as those who like to just watch.
Mobile Karaoke Service Includes:

  • Peofessional mobile Karaoke system
  • Stage
  • Dance Floor
  • Lighting
  • Pa System
  • Helpful Hostes and hostesses

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The Services

Unlike many other mobile Karaoke companies, we hire a complete set-up that includes, stage, dance floor and marquee where required. We can hire at a very competitive rate when hired along with one of our other entertainment products. And as with everything we do, your guests are treated to the usual Bubble flair for style and good service We guarantee all of your guests are looked after, and enjoy their mobile Karaoke experience to the max.

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