Party Entertainments

Event and Party Entertainments

We have some great party entertainments, unique to us. Designed to be the perfect additonal party attraction, for any corporate event, or private party.

Our party entertainments, and event equipment, have all been designed to be highly costomizable and brandable. Making them perfect for highly branded corporate events.

In house we have all the entertainments, and equipment you need to put on a fantastic event.

Oxygen Bars Photo Booth Oxygen Shisha Live Music

Oxygen Bars and Shishas

The Oxygen Bars and Shishas, are great guest interactive entertainments.  I love things that guests can actually  ’do’, as opposed to just watch.  This led to the development of the oxygen bars and shishas, which are both hugely popular, as a resuly of their unique enjoyability, and for making their experience so memorable.  Both designed to be very effectively branded, they are great for trade shows, and parties alike.

Photo Booths

PhotoBooths are a party entertainment phenomenom.  An event isnt an event without one these days. As a result we have our own supply of in house photobooths to accompany our other entertainments.  Our Stylo booth is great for branded corporate events, and our own ‘bullet proof’ designed classic photobooth is great for livelier parties, and events in more traditional settings.

The Mirror

This is our own designed display screen, and is a one of a kind.  Designed originally to run  digital entertainment programmes, like the ‘magic mirror’, and the ‘mystic rain’. It is now more often used as an external screen, for the photobooths, or a presentation screen. It is a unique and beautiful screen, from which to display your coprporate messsage, or video.

lots more

Live Bands, Casinos, dance floors, karaoke, rodeos, face painters, massuses, and lots more are all available through Anything Anywhere.


Please click below, to look at some of our most recommended party entertainments, and look in the drop down list above.  Thanks.

Oxygen Bars Photo Booth Oxygen Shisha Live Music