Oxygen Bars

What is an Oxygen Bar

Our Oxygen Bars are a unique, bar based party entertainment piece. Guests sit and breathe pure oxygen, that has been bubbled through flavoured liquids. Delicious and refreshing. A five minute oxygen session,  feels revitalising and uplifting, and is a delicious smelling treat. It is sociable, fun, and a perfect addition to any party focused event.

Social Media.

We can take pictures from the oxygen bar, throughout the event, which guests love.  They can then be upload to a facebook page or profile for you, so your visitors have a lasting memory of their experience at your event. This can form part of your social media promotions.

10 years experience in oxygen bars – the uk originators.

If you would like an oxygen bar for your event, we are the company to use. We have been operating oxygen bars at events for over 10 years now, and we are the UK’s largest supplier of oxygen bars.  In our history we have served over quarter of a million guests. Our oxgen bars are unique to us, and only available through Anything Anywhere Events.

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